ОДЕССКАЯ БИЕННАЛЕ СОВРЕМЕННОГО ИСКУССТВА - Самоуправление: культурная эволюция vs революция

About us


Mikhail Raskovetsky (project co-curator)

Born 1954 in Odessa, Ukraine. Art-historian, art-critic, curator. In 1978 graduated from Odessa State University (Department of Philology); in 1992 – Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture (Department of Visual Arts Theory & History), St. Petersburg, RF. In 1982-1996 – Head of Odessa Art Museum Exhibition Department; 1993-1996 – Chairman of “New Art” Association Board; 1994 – co-curator of “Tirs” Museum of Modern Art. Director of the Soros CCA – Odessa in 1996-2000. Since 2002 – director of Odessa Museum of the History of Jews; since 2013 – curator of Museum of Odessa Modern art. Curator/co-curator of a number of contemporary art exhibitions and projects, including “After Modernism” (Odessa Art Museum,1989); “After Modernism – 2” (Odessa Art Museum, 1990); International Festival “Free Zone” (Odessa, 1994); “Non-Stop” (“Tirs” Museum of Modern Art, Odessa, 1995); “Kandinsky Syndrome” (Odessa Museum of History & Local Lore, 1995); “Doctor Frankenstein Studio. Neochimerism” (Odessa, 1995); “Phantom-Opera” (Odessa, 1996); “Unnatural Selection” (Center of Ukrainian Culture, Odessa, 1997), etc. Lectures and seminars on contemporary visual arts theory and history at Odessa Art Museum, Odessa Polytechnic University (Cultural Department), Odessa State University (Department of Philosophy), Odessa Museum of the History of Jews, “Hudpromo” art gallery, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Odessa Museum of Occidental and Oriental Art. Publications in the periodicals (since 1989) – “Terra Incognita”, “Parta”, “Fine Art”, “Art Ukraine on-line”, “Korydor on-line” (Kyiv), Moscow Art Magazine, “Decorative Art” (Moscow), “Artpodgotovka” (Odessa) and others. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

Miroslav Kulchitsky (project co-curator)

Born 1970 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Artist, curator. Graduated from the Economic University, Odessa, in 1993. Has been practicing in contemporary visual arts since 1994, working in various media including video, photo, installation, site-specific projects. Director of the Center for Contemporary Art - Odessa (2000-2003); co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Odessa (1999-2003). Curator of Museum of Odessa Modern Art (since 2013). Participated in the numerous contemporary art exhibitions and projects in Ukraine and abroad, including “Free Zone”, Odessa Art Museum, 1994; “Belleville – Milieu du Monde”, La Forge Art Center, Paris, 1996; “Video Flash”, Hohenthal und Bergen gallery, Cologne, Germany, 1997; “Impakt”, International Festival of Innovative Audiovisual Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1998; “Labyrinth”, The 2-nd Triennial of Graphic Arts, Prague, 1998; “After the Wall. Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1999; Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2000; Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, 2000;
“Regards sur l’Ukraine”, Passage de Retz, Paris, 1999; “Future is Now”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1999; “Onufri 99”, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, 1999; “Part of the System”, Rotor Association of Contemporary Art, in conjunction with Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz, Austria, 2000; “Farewell to Arms!”, Art Arsenal - National Cultural-Art & Museum Complex, Kyiv, 2004; “Video dia Loghi”, French Culture Center, Turin, Italy, 2006; “Scenarios of the Future”, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, 2012; Curator/co-curator of a number of contemporary art exhibitions & projects, including “4 Rooms” (DADA gallery, Odessa, 1996); “Supermarket” (Center for Rehabilitation, Odessa, 1997); “Found Stuff. The Newest Art of Ukraine” (Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv; “Art System”, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL, USA, 2000-2003); “On the Spot. Contemporary Art from Central Asia and Caucasus” (Odessa Sea Port Terminal, 2002); “Scenarios of the Future” (Museum of Odessa Modern Art, 2012-2013). Lectures and seminars at the Center for Contemporary Art – Almaty (2000), Malmo Art Academy (2002), Odessa Academy of Architecture (2003), Museum of Odessa Modern Art (2011). Publications in periodicals. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

Semen Kantor (Museum of Odessa Modern Art director)

Born 1952 in Odessa, Ukraine. Graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute in 1974, finished graduate school of Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys in 1985. PhD in engineering. In 1977-1998 - the Head of Department in the Scientific Research Institute of Foundry. Since 1999 – director of “Talamus-studio”, Odessa. The Board Chairman of Odessa public organization “Center for Development” (since 2012). Director of Museum of Odessa Modern Art (since 2008). Main publications: “Odessa Fine Arts on the Boundary of the Centuries. Museum of Odessa Modern Art Collection” (Odessa, “Optimum”, 2011); “Odessa Abstract Art” (Odessa, 2010). Author of the numerous publications in printed and on-line periodicals on the Museum of Odessa Modern Art’s activities. The author of more than 50 articles, of 29 inventions and of 1 monograph in the field of engineering. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

Katerina Maltseva (project coordinator)

Born 1972 in Odessa, Ukraine. Graduated from Odessa State University in 1994 (Department of Romance and Germanic Philology), and in 2000 (Department of Economics & Law). Director of “Arsenal” advertising agency, Odessa (since 2006). Producer and project coordinator of Odessa JazzFest International Festival (formerly – “Jazz-carnival in Odessa”) since 2003. Executive Director of “Nimi Nochi” (“Mute Nights”) Film & Music International Festival, Odessa (since 2010). Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

Museum of Odessa Modern Art

Since its foundation in 2008 the Museum of Odessa Modern Art has been undertaking various activities in the field of modern and contemporary art, including the formation of a permanent Museum collection, solo and group shows, conferences, seminars, lectures, art contests for the young generation of artists, etc. At present its collection comprises the works by the prominent figures of Odessa art, from the representatives of “non-conformism” movement of the 1960-s – 70-s, “conceptual school” and “Ukrainian trans-avant-garde” of the 1980-s, to the neo-conceptual art of the 1990-s, such as Oleg Sokolov, Yuri Yegorov, Lev Mezhberg, Valentin Hrushch, Vladimir Naumets, Leonid Voitsekhov, Sergey Anufriev, Yuri Leiderman, Igor Chatskin, “The Peppers”, Alexandr Roitburd, Vasily Ryabchenko, Sergey Lykov, Igor Gusev, Miroslav Kulchitsky, Dmitry Dulfan. The list of artists, whose projects were organized and presented in its exhibition halls includes the names of Odessa artists of different generations, both established and emerging ones, as well as of the representatives of international art scene. The two Odessa biennials of Contemporary Art (in 2008 and 2010), organized by the Museum, appeared to be the most remarkable events in Odessa art life of the last years and important showcase for the current local art movements. One of the Museum’s focuses is the collaboration with the international art institutions and relative foreign partners, such as IFA, Goethe Institute, Alliance Francaise, Zimmerli Museum, USA, Crefeld Art Museum, Germany, Museum of Non-Conformism, St.Petersburg, Russia. In the limits of this collaboration a number of notable projects were realized by the Museum, such as the first presentation of Sigmar Polke’s works in Ukraine (2010), international exhibition and conference “Re-socialization of Art” (2009), Jean-Gilles Baederres’s solo exhibition (2009), site-specific project by Kurt Fleckenstein (2009), international conference “Museums and galleries in the City culture: history and contemporaneity”. The Museum of Odessa Modern Art is also the founder of the “Tea Factory” experimental center for contemporary art, an important space for the newest local art presentation, and of the Contest of Young Artists.