ОДЕССКАЯ БИЕННАЛЕ СОВРЕМЕННОГО ИСКУССТВА - Самоуправление: культурная эволюция vs революция

Dymchuk Gallery

The objective of Dymchuk Gallery, founded in 2008, is to promote development of the Ukrainian contemporary art market by organizing exhibitions, presentations, participation in the auctions and fairs of contemporary art in Ukraine and abroad. Within 5 years the Gallery has carried out a series of curatorial projects by Anatoly Dymchuk and Igor Gusev, including RESTART ODESSA, RESTART KYIV, “Star wars”, “To save the President”.


Hudpromo Art Gallery

The objective of Hudpromo Art Gallery, founded in 2010, is to support and develop modern and contemporary art in Odessa and Ukraine, to build a civilized art market for the recent trends. Hudpromo Art Gallery has realized a number of individual projects by the leading representatives of Ukrainian modern and contemporary art, including the projects by Apl315, M. Viseberg, A. Galashin, A. Gankevich, D. Dulfan, L. Zvezdochyotova-Resun, V. Naumets, V. Ralko, A. Roitburd, solo and group exhibitions of the young artists of Odessa. In the frames of its educational program the Gallery has arranged lectures of A. Roitburd, M. Rashkovetsky, N. Kadan, O. Balashova, G. Vysheslavsky and others.


Odessa Art Museum

The Odessa Art Museum is experienced in holding art events in the field of contemporary art since 1980-1990s (exhibitions “After modernism”, 1989-90, festival of contemporary art “Free zone”, 1994, curator M. Rashkovetsky, “Free zone-2. Academy of Сold”, 1998, curator A. Roitburd, etc.). At the end of 2012 our Museum developed a new exhibition hall named “Yellow Giants” gallery, especially for contemporary art projects. The Odessa Art Museum opens up this hall to exhibit one of the project exhibitions, where mainly the young representatives will present their works during the realization of the project “Self-government: cultural evolution vs revolution”, within the framework of the III Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art. 


The Center for Development

Since the time of its foundation The Center for Development, a non-governmental organization located in Odessa, has been a long standing partner of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art.

The Center is a partner of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art in implementation of the contemporary visual art project “Self-government: cultural evolution vs revolution” within the framework of the III Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art.